NORTH CAROLINA - City of Winston-Salem, Distressed Properties

City of Winston-Salem

Distressed Properties

The properties listed on this page have housing code violations and could be referred to the City Council for demolition if they are not brought into compliance.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these properties you should follow the same process of due diligence as with purchasing property through a real estate firm.

If you do purchase one of these properties, please notify Community Development so that we can remove it from this list. Call336-734-1252.

Disclaimer: The City of Winston-Salem does not own any of the properties listed herein and any inquiries regarding such should be directed to the property owner(s) of record. This information is being provided to the public as a courtesy to facilitate the preservation of existing housing inventory. While every effort will be made to regularly update the information provided herein, the City of Winston-Salem makes no representation regarding the habitability or marketability of any of the properties listed. Anyone interested in acquiring a property listed here is strongly encouraged to consult an attorney and/or real estate professional for further guidance. The City of Winston-Salem assumes no responsibility for any risk or financial harm that could potentially occur as a result of acquiring or attempting to acquire a distressed property.

The following properties were vacant when violations were cited. “Property Owner” column lists owner at the time of violations.I