The Best Real Estate Prices in the Country, Guaranteed!

At REOCLOSE we know that buying real estate can be very expensive and time consuming. By using our platform, everyone has an opportunity to become a wise investor and property owner. REOCLOSE is able to do this by assisting local governments, real property tax authorities, and lenders to dispose of their excess inventory for what is owed.

This creates more working capital, increased tax revenues and allows everyone to own a piece of America.

Who We Are

Julia E. Shelly, MPA

CEO, Co-Founder

Julia is responsible for providing inspired leadership company wide. She has experience making high level decisions and implementing policies and strategies. Julia works with the executive board to determine the values and mission of the company and on the short and long term goals for REOCLOSE. Julia is recognized by her high academic honors while attending Temple University, Stony Brook University and the University of South Florida where she earned a Master’s in Public Administration.

Joseph Lomangino

COO, Founder

Joseph is responsible for the business strategies and future growth of REOCLOSE. He realizes the importance of data analysis, strategic planning, problem solving, business development and time management. Joseph has been involved with brokering commercial and residential real estate since 2007. He grew up in Long Island, New York and attended Stony Brook University.

John Willis

CTO, Co-Founder

John is responsible for executive decisions on the technological interests of REOCLOSE. He outlines the company's technological vision, oversees the security and implements technological strategies that are aligned with the company's business needs. John has been writing code since 2005, and has worked in cyber security, blockchain, web and mobile development and video game development. He grew up in Florida and attended Southern New Hampshire University.