SOUTH CAROLINA - Greenville County, Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure Sales



Sales are usually the first Monday of each month at 11:00 A.M. held in Courtroom 5, Third Floor, County Courthouse, Judicial Wing. When the first Monday is a legal holiday, then the sale will be the next day, Tuesday.
Public Notices are published in the Greenville News classified ads section and published for three (3) Fridays prior to the sale. They are also listed Please use this site for the most up to date information and dates for specific properties. You may access this information through themie.GreenvilleOnline.comhome page.
Our deed is not a general warranty deed. It is suggested that you obtain a title opinion from a licensed attorney prior to bidding on any property. For general information on Deeds, contact Sue @ 467-8770.

Each property is usually sold subject to any past due or accruing property taxes, assessments, existing easements and restrictions of record. That means if you purchase the property, you pay current year and any back taxes. You can check this amount at the County Tax Office at County Square on 301 University Ridge, Greenville, S.C. , or through a Property Tax search