NORTH CAROLINA -Durham County Foreclosures

Durham County

The properties listed for sale on this website are being foreclosed under judgment of the court for failure to pay Durham City and/or County property taxes. This is NOT a sale by the County or City of any surplus properties owned by either government. No representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind are made by the County or Sale Commissioner with respect to these tax foreclosure sales. Each property is being sold as-is, buyer beware, and it is the duty of any bidder to investigate the property on their own prior to making any bid. The information posted here about any tax foreclosure sale property (notice, minimum bid, redemption, structures and pictures) is for assistance only in this investigative process, and cannot and should not be relied upon solely by any bidder. Properties listed here are subject to redemption at any time prior to the entry of a confirmation order by the Court and delivery of a deed by the Commissioner. This means that redemption can occur at any time, even right before a sale or after a sale. Any redeemed properties are withdrawn immediately from the sale process. Efforts are made to update this website in a timely manner with redemptions and sale information, but this website cannot be relied upon to be up-to-date in “real time”. For the status of any property, the bidder is required to check the court file and /or with the attorney handling the sale. Prior to the public sale date, bidders can also check with Doug Davis, the Commissioner of the sale, for information that he may have about the properties for sale.