KENTUCKY - City of Covington, City Owned Vacant Property

Surplus Lands

Over the last year, the City has sold or is preparing to sell a number of properties to different people or groups for different purposes and using a variety of methods, including sealed invitations for bid, a request for development proposals, a request for qualifications, and a straightforward purchase contract.

City officials used those deals to help create the process for future sales.

Under the guidelines, a Real Estate Disposition Committee would assess purchase proposals and make a recommendation to the City Commission based on a number of factors, including:

  • The feasibility of rehab/redevelopment plans and their proposed public benefit.
  • Whether the plans create jobs.
  • Whether the new use for the property contributes to the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Whether it expands the City’s tax base.
  • The proposed purchase price.
  • The potential leverage of other investment.