WASHINGTON - Seattle City Owned Real Estate Sales

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Real Estate Services (RES) coordinates the review of the reuse and disposition of all of the City of Seattle's "excess" real property. Each City-owned property is assigned to a "jurisdictional" department that manages the property. When a department determines it has no current or future use for a property, the department designates it "excess" to its needs. This decision triggers a formal "review process" (outlined in the above diagram) based on Seattle City Council-adoptedpolicies and procedures. As a first step, RES creates and circulates for comment a "preliminary report." Following the review process, RES publishes a "final report," which includes RES' recommendation regarding the property (typically to either retain the property for use by another City department or sell it), and presents it to the Mayor for review. If the Mayor concurs with the recommendation, the Mayor sends the report to the City Council, along with legislation authorizing the reuse or sale of the property. Only the City Council can make the final decision on reuse or disposition of City-owned real property. If the Council approves the recommendation for selling a property, the property is declared "surplus." The public has several opportunities to comment during the review process.