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Unpaid Property Taxes

The Sheriff’s Office plays many different, yet important roles in the process of mortgage foreclosures. Initially, Sheriff Deputies will serve actions in mortgage foreclosure to the defendant of the property that is the subject to the foreclosure action. If the defendant fails to take action to resolve the dispute, the Sheriff may be required to execute a Sheriff Sale on the property. If a property is sold at Sheriff Sale, after thirty days, the Sheriff will prepare a Sheriff’s Deed to the subject real estate upon the receipt of all necessary payments needed to transfer the title to the real estate. When all payments required are received, this deed will be issued to the foreclosing agency, a judgment holder, or a third-party purchaser, and then the Sheriff will then prepare a distribution of these collected fees. This distribution is mailed to all recorded lien holders that have a recorded lien filed against the subject real estate.

In addition to actions of mortgage foreclosure, the Sheriff’s Office is required to expose property to Sheriff Sale for non-payment of Allegheny County, Local Municipality and School District taxes.

The City of Pittsburgh Treasurer's Office also conducts sales of property for non-payment of City of Pittsburgh Real Estate and School District taxes, for information concerning these properties, please contact theCity of Pittsburgh Treasurer's Office, 412-255-2300.

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