Government Auctions and Sales of Seized and Surplus Property

Government Auctions

Government Auctions and Sales of Seized and Surplus Property

Some government agencies sell items to the public through live and online auctions. These auctions let you buy government-owned assets from across the U.S. and its territories.

  • Federal Auctions with a Variety of Property Types (formerly listed on

    U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Auctions

    GSA Auctions is an easy-to-use site with extensive listings in a wide range of categories. Items for sale are government-owned excess property. They’re located or stored all over the country, and include:

    • Real estate
    • Airplanes, vessels, and vehicles
    • Travel trailers, manufactured housing (mobile homes), and park models
    • Office equipment and office furniture
    • Scientific equipment
    • Heavy machinery

    Auctions are conducted completely online. You can view most items ahead of time by visiting the facility where the item is stored.

    U.S. Treasury Auctions

    The U.S. Treasury holds about 300 public auctions each year throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Property sold at auction was forfeited by owners for tax evasion or other violations of Treasury law.

    Treasury auctions sell:

    • New or used cars, aircraft, and boats
    • Real estate
    • Jewelry and clothes
    • Electronics
    • Industrial equipment

    Sales methods vary.

    • Property seized by the Internal Revenue Service for tax violations may be sold by mail-in bid or live auction.
    • Real estate sales are conducted using online auctions. Bidders can see properties in person by appointment.
    • Most other property is sold by online auction.

    U.S. Marshals Service Seized Assets Auctions

    The U.S. Marshals Service manages the U.S. Department of Justice’sAsset Forfeiture Program. The program serves to identify stolen property and return it to its owners, and to compensate victims with the proceeds from sales. It helps deter crime by depriving thieves of the goods they stole.

    Seized and forfeited items for sale can include:

    • Real estate
    • Cars, boats, and planes
    • Commercial businesses
    • Jewelry
    • Art
    • Antiques and collectibles

    Sales are conducted by third-party companies and sales methods vary. Check the site for the property you’re interested in to see how auctions are managed.