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Real Property

If you are an attorney, requesting that the Sheriff act upon a court order regarding an attachment or execution of property, please view the Real Property Attachment Intake Form or the Real Property Execution or Order for Sale Intake Form for our requirements and fees.

If you are a redemptioner who intends to redeem real property sold at Sheriff's sale please review ourRedemption Intake Form.

If you've purchased or redeemed real property and need a Sheriff's Deed please review ourDeed Intake Form.

Real Property Auctions

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Sheriff’s Sales are ‘judicial foreclosures’ (or executions) on real property to satisfy a money judgment. The order to sell comes from the Superior Court Clerk. We are selling only the judgment debtor’s interest in the real estate and the property is subject to all existing liens and encumbrances. We have limited information about the sale property since we do not need to know any information other than the address and legal description to conduct our sales. It is not possible for potential purchasers to view the interior of the structure prior to the sale.

The property sold may have a Redemption period from eight months to one year. Redemption means that the owner may pay back the amount bid at the sale plus interest, taxes, etc. in order to ‘redeem’ the property and become the owner again. If you have legal questions about this procedure, you should contact your attorney for direction, or read the Revised Code of the state of Washington pertaining to Redemption.

Sheriff sale notices and notices regarding postponements of sales are posted in the King County Courthouse lobby, as well as in the first and fourth floor entrances of the King County Administration Building. Sheriff's notices of sale of real property are published in theSeattle Daily Journal of Commercenewspaper once per week for four consecutive weeks prior to the sale.

If you are the winning bidder at auction, you must provide the Sheriff with a cashier’s check made payable to the "King County Superior Court Clerk" no later than two hours post auction or it will be offered to the next highest bidder.