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A Sheriff’s Sale is a public auction of property of which has been foreclosed. Our office only begins the process of a sale once we have received a SPECIAL EXECUTION from the court which orders us to hold a sale of the property.

All sales are published on Mondays in the Newton Daily News-Legal Ads Section, at least 4 weeks prior to the sale. Notices are also posted on the bulletin board on the 1st floor of the Jasper County Courthouse as well as the lobby of the Jasper County Annex Building and the lobby of FNNB (formerly First Newton National Bank).

All sales are held in the lobby of Jasper County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesdays at the date and time listed for each sale. Sale dates are subject to postponement or cancellation without notice.

Prior to the date of the sale, the mortgage company will submit a starting bid in the amount they are looking to recover from the sale. To be successful in purchasing the property, you must bid at least $1.00 higher than the starting bid. Payment for your bid must be made IN FULL within 2 hours of the sale by cashier’s check. If you fail to furnish the complete amount, you may be subject to a lawsuit from the bidding mortgage company.

All Sheriff’s Sales are buyer beware.Clear title is not guaranteed to real property. It is highly recommended youcontact an attorneybefore purchasing at a Sheriff’s Sale as you may not be purchasing what you think you are.

If any address listed on this web site is not correct, we are not responsible. The address is provided by the attorney in the case and offered here as a tool to check on the legal description only.