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Department of Housing & Community Development

The Vacants to Value (V2V) Program offers interested homeowners and small developers the opportunity to invest in Baltimore City by purchasing and redeveloping individual or small bundles of city-owned properties. With more than 200 unique neighborhoods, Baltimore City is as diverse and magnificent as the people who call it home. While Baltimore's vacant and abandoned building stock is often viewed as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity. Cleaning up and redeveloping these properties can be a valuable investment and can help raise property values, create community amenities, increase local tax revenue, and attract new residents and businesses.

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Are you interested in finding a diamond in the rough? Can you put on your V2V rose-colored glasses? If you can, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. For the best investment, you will ever make**Search these properties**!

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Our new, interactive map is tailored to search for properties that are available for sale through our V2V program, and lots that are available for adoption through our adopt-a-lot program. You can also view currently adopted lots, preserved community-managed open spaces, and other valuable information to assist with locating the perfect opportunity for you. To learn how to use the new map,**click here**for the "How To" video and other frequently asked questions!

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Does your home border an overgrown, publicly owned side yard less than 15’ in width? Have you ever thought “If I owned that land, I could do WONDERS !”

If so, you should know The City of Baltimore has a fixed, low-cost way to buy a side yard and make it your own.

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Baltimore Neighborhoods are transforming under Vacants to Value.

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