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The City of Wilmington Vacant Property List

The Vacant Property Registration Fee Program seeks to do something about an issue than no one can dispute...vacant properties are a detriment to people who live in proximity to the properties, to entire neighborhoods, and to the city's overall image as an attractive and inviting City in which to live, own property, work and be entertained.

The program holds the owners of vacant properties accountable for the physical condition of their properties and to the overall well being of the communities and neighborhoods in which the vacant properties are located.

It is intended to encourage owners of vacant properties to immediately rehabilitate the property or to sell the property to an individual or an agency that will make the property attractive for sale or rental.

Vacant Property Bills

Fee notices are mailed to vacant property owners on or before November 1 each year. These individuals or companies are billed for the current calendar year and have until the first business day of the new calendar year to comply with the rules of the Vacant Property Registration Fee Program.