OKLAHOMA - Department of Transportation, Surplus Property

Surplus Real Estate


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation will dispose of all surplus property listed below bySEALED BID AUCTIONSheld at 200 N.E. 21 Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. All sales of surplus property are sold "as is" and are subject to the confirmation by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Commission. The buyer is responsible for their own due diligence in regards to zoning, licenses, permits, environmental, land uses, etc. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation disposes of all surplus property in accordance with Oklahoma Statutes, Title 69, O.S. 2016 ยง 1001. If you have any question regarding the disposal or bid process, please contact the Real Property Managment Section of theFacilities Management Divisionat405-522-5659.

Open Houses:When a piece of Real Estate that has been determined surplus to the needs of The Department and furnishes a building or structure, ODOT will host an Open House to allow interested parties to view the structure before the Sealed Bid Auction closes. If a peice of Real Estate has an Open House scheduled, it will be noted in the Established Auctions list below.

Surplus Land Requests:If there is a piece of property owned by the Department of Transportation that you would like reviewed for potential disposal or lease, please fill out ourOnline Request Form.