SOUTH CAROLINA Horry County Forfeited Lands

The Horry County Forfeited Land Commission (FLC) is established by the State of South Carolina and is the governing body with regard to disposal of each property being in the best interest of the taxpayers of Horry County.

Delinquent Tax Office:Crystal Montgomery 843-915-8700

What does the Forfeited Land Commission do?

The Horry County Forfeited Land Commission (FLC) sells assignments on properties not sold at the Horry County Delinquent Tax Sale. In addition, the FLC sells properties that it owns outright after the redemption period has elapsed. The FLC will accept offers to purchase these properties equal to the published price for each property. Offers to purchase will be considered in the order submitted. The FLC reserves the right to reject any offer to purchase that does not meet these published requirements.

What forms of payment does the FLC accept?

Payment will only be accepted in the form of cash or cashier’s check from a recognized financial institution and must be received within 1 week of bid being accepted by the FLC. All payments must be payable to the Horry County FLC.

How and Where do I submit my offer to purchase a property from the FLC?

Interested parties can submit sealed bid offers to purchase properties owned by the Horry County FLC. A separate “FLC Bid Form” must be completed for each property. Offers to purchase property from the FLC can be made in person Monday through Friday at the Horry County Treasurer’s Office or mailed by certified mail to:

ATTN: Horry County FLC Sealed Bids
Horry County Treasurer
PO Box 1828
Conway, SC 29526