TEXAS Harris County Tax Sales

Property Tax Sales


The Harris County Delinquent Tax Sale is the monthly public auction of real estate for past due property taxes. The Tax Assessor-Collector’s office works in collaboration with the County Constable’s Office and collection attorneys to conduct the sale according to the Texas Property Tax Code. Properties are jointly selected for sale by representatives of the taxing units and their delinquent tax attorneys. This process enables the taxing jurisdictions of Harris County to recover lost revenues, increase both their receivables and the capacity to support various programs benefiting local residents.

The initial responsibilities of the Harris County Tax Office are to determine the amount of delinquent taxes due on each sale property and to handle the registration of bidders.

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Date and Time of Sale

The auction is conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at Bayou City Event Center, between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Properties are auctioned off by the eight (8) Constables simultaneously, in the order published in theDaily Court Review.

There are three types of sales: 1) Execution Sale, 2) Tax Sales, and 3) Tax Resales

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Bidder Registration

Registration is required to participate in the Harris County Tax Sale and must be renewed annually. Bidders may pre-register online, by mail or in person at the Tax Sale. Bidders must have valid identification and must not owe any delinquent taxes on any property in Harris County.

Agents who will be bidding on behalf of another individual(s) or company must register each bidder-owner and be able to provide both a list of properties currently owned in Harris County and written authorization to represent the individual of company for whom they are bidding.

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Property Listings