TEXAS Austin City Owned Real Estate

City of Austin


Most of the land that is owned by the City of Austin was purchased for a specific purpose. The City does not acquire, auction or sell properties due to tax liens or health and safety issues. Tax sales are handled by the county where the property is located. The Office of Real Estate Services will occasionally make City-owned properties available for sale through a public bid process. Information on those properties and instructions for submitting proposals will be posted here on our website. See below for any currently active solicitations. If you are an adjacent landowner to a COA parcel and wish to discuss purchasing a non-economic ("remnant") parcel, please contact Mashell Smith, Land Management Real Estate Supervisor, City of Austin, via e-mail (http://www.austintexas.gov/email/realestate) or at (512) 974-7079. Property For Sale by the City of Austin: