INDIANA - SOUTH BEND, Vacant & Abandoned Properties For Sale


VACANT & ABANDONED PROPERTIES INITIATIVE The issue of vacant and abandoned properties has been a major concern for South Bend, and cities like us, throughout the Midwest. The economic shocks of past decades, combined with population shifts and changes in the housing market, have combined to leave communities like ours with more houses than families can ll. Many properties are teetering on the brink between demolition and rehabilitation. On February 27, 2013, with the release of the Vacant & Abandoned Properties Task Force Report, Mayor Buttigieg called for 1,000 abandoned houses to be addressed in 1,000 days. The Mayor explained that the 1,000 properties would be addressed through a combination of programs focused on both rehabilitation and demolition. The City reached its goal in September; about two months ahead of schedule. By day 1,000 the City had taken action on 1,122 properties, nearly 40% of which were repaired. With the achievement of our goal, the issue of vacant and abandoned houses is no longer at a critical stage and is now at a manageable level. Looking ahead, the City is working to address the new challenge of moving vacant lots into productive uses and further strengthening our neighborhoods. In early December 2015, the Mayor and city staff highlighted lessons learned and a path forward on abandoned houses. VACANT AND ABANDONED PROPERTY REGISTRATION & ORDINANCE INFORMATION For an avenue of the Vacant and Abandoned Property Registration, please view brochure. For complete information, please see the entire ordinance here  . REGISTERING A VACANT AND ABANDONED PROPERTY To register a Vacant and Abandoned (V&A) property, you will need to ll out a registration form for each property as well as pay applicable registration fee(s). The fee structure is as follows: Residential properties with three (3) or less residential units = $300 per property per year Residential properties with four (4) or more residential units: $500 fee for the rst year; $750 for the second year; $1,000 for third year and each subsequent year Non –residential properties: $500 fee for the rst year; $750 for the second year; $1,000 for third year and each subsequent year Download the Vacant and Abandoned Registration form Once completed, you can mail your registration(s) to:Department of Code Enforcement Attn: V&A Registration 1300 County-City Building 1/4