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Foreclosure Auction

Scheduling Auctions

Consistent with Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge AO/262/21, all auctions must be conducted in accordance with the district/county auction plan. In Suffolk County, Referees must schedule Suffolk foreclosure auctions through the Suffolk County Supreme Court Clerk Fiduciary Office. The auctions will continue to take place at the Town Halls throughout Suffolk County but must be scheduled 30 minutes apart on the hour and half hour. The Fiduciary Office will maintain auction calendars reflecting the auctions scheduled at each Town Hall and those calendars will be accessible through E-courts.

Please see the following links that include the procedure for scheduling auctions, necessary forms and links to E-Courts where an auction calendar search can be performed.

Auction Scheduling & Procedures

Referees and attendees are advised that appropriate social distancing procedures must be followed at all auction sites. Referee duties with regard to enforcing social distancing at the auctions are set forth in Amended Administrative Order 98/20.

Amended Administrative Order 98/20**Suffolk County Foreclosure Auction Rules and Procedures**Referee Request for Foreclosure Auction Date (PDF Fillable Form)**Surplus Money Form**Surplus Money Forms Requirements Administrative Order 104-20

Auction Calendars

Foreclosure auctions take place at each town hall as calendared by the Foreclosure Referee. The listed auction information is updated weekly (ie., every Friday unless it is a holiday, then the next business day) and is subject to change at any time. The accuracy of the scheduling information posted on the court’s website is dependent upon the information provided by individual Referees responsible for scheduling and conducting these auctions.

Instructions for Searching Auction Calendars by Town

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