Sale of properties that are in their 5th year of delinquency.

Thursday May 20, 2021

9:00 am:Bidder Check-In/Registration Opens
10:00 am:Bidder Check-In/Registration Closes
10:00 am:County Auditor Opens the Auction
Approx 10:15 am:First Round of Bidding begins
Between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm:First Round of Bidding Ends

Bidders are given time to pay bids withthe Utah County Treasurers Office

Between 12:00 to 3:00 pm:Second Round of Bidding Begins
Between 12:30 to 3:30 pm:Second Round of Bidding Ends

Auction is closed by County Auditor and all unsold properties are struck off

The sale is held annually in May usually before Memorial Day. Delinquent property listings are posted on this website starting 4 weeks prior to the sale to coincide with the public notices published in the newspaper. Public notices will be published in either The Daily Herald, Deseret News, or Salt Lake Tribune starting 4 weeks prior to the sale. The notices will appear in either the Thursday, Friday or Sunday editions.

The Public Notice has the following detail on each parcel for sale:

  • Parcel Number (Tax District Number)
  • Name of Current Property Owner
  • Owner’s Mailing Address (The address listed is the mailing address and not necessarily the property address)
  • Total Amount if paid as of the date of the Tax Sale

All payoff amounts are calculatedas of the date of the tax sale.Parcels redeemed prior to the date of the tax sale may be redeemed at a lower amount.

Parcels offered for bid at the May Tax Sale are sold, at the discretion of the Clerk/Auditor conducting the sale, using two type of sale procedures; Bid Up (sold to the highest bidder) and Undivided Interest (lowest percentage of ownership share).

Unimproved or "vacant" parcels are sold to the highest bidder or via the Bid-Up process. The bidding will start with a minimum opening bid that includes taxes, penalties, interest, and the administrative cost of the sale. The bid amounts will continue to increase until the parcel up for sale is sold to the highest bidder. The end result of this type of sale is that the county will convey ownership from the previous owner to the winning bidder through the issueance and recording of a tax deed. Property conveyed by Tax Deeds are sold as is. The winning bidder assumes all liablity for whatever condition the propety is in. The winning bidder also assumes all liability for all legal action that may need to be taken after the sale to ensure clean title to the property. When the propety being sold is a "killed" parcel, the winning bidder assumes all tax liability for any past due taxes owing on the current or "active" parcel. At the sale these parcels can also be referred to as "parent/child" or "better described as" parcels.

Please note: The County Clerk/Auditor that administers the sale may use either procedure if he or she determines the chosen bid process more fully protects the interest of the property owner and the interest of the public.As per County Ordinance 21-5-6 Criteria for Accepting or Rejecting Bids.