FLORIDA Pinellas County Foreclosures

Real Property Foreclosure


Auctions are held on properties/liens offered for sale to the highest bidder. The Clerk’s Office conducts the sale via public auction on the Internet in accordance with 45.031(10) Fl. Stat. The property or interest being auctioned may be worth less than the assessed value.

Anyone may bid on the sales. All bidders must register with the clerk on this website prior to the sale and enter into a user agreement. Read the entire agreement carefully as its terms are binding. The site provides information for each sale item, including the name of the owner and legal description. However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to research the property and ensure you understand what you are purchasing. BUYER BEWARE! The Clerk cannot cancel or reverse a sale after the fact if you discover you were mistaken about any characteristics of the property (including but not limited to value, marketability, size, location, condition, outstanding liens, encumbrances, zoning, code limitations or the existence of improvements). We recommend that you obtain a Title Search and Survey prior to purchase.

At the date and time specified by court order for the sale, each item is auctioned in order of case number and sold to the highest bidder.

Prior to the time of the sale, bidders must post with the Clerk’s office an advanced deposit of 5% of the anticipated high bid for each item to be bid on. The bidder must pay the balance of the final bid and the registry of the court fee pursuant to 28.24(10) Fl.Stat. (3% of the first $500.00 and 1.5% of each subsequent $100.00,of the remainder of the sale price by 11:00 AM EST the next business day following the sale.

Advance deposits may be made on this web site by wire transfer (please instruct your bank to include your bidder number on the wire information).

NOTE: Wire transfers require 24 hours to arrive in the Clerk’s account. An exchange rate may apply for foreign wires.