SOUTH CAROLINA: Foreclosure Sales

Public Notices are published in the Greenville News classified ads section and published for three (3) Fridays prior to the sale. They are also listed Please use this site for the most up to date information and dates for specific properties. You may access this information through themie.GreenvilleOnline.comhome page.
Our deed is not a general warranty deed. It is suggested that you obtain a title opinion from a licensed attorney prior to bidding on any property. For general information on Deeds, contact Sue @467-8770.

Each property is usually sold subject to any past due or accruing property taxes, assessments, existing easements and restrictions of record. That means if you purchase the property, you pay current year and any back taxes. You can check this amount at the County Tax Office at County Square on 301 University Ridge, Greenville, S.C. , or through a Property Tax search


If you are the successful bidder at our sale, you are required to deposit five (5%) percent of your bid in cash or certified check at the time your bid is accepted.Youcannotleave the sale and come back with your funds. As a general rule of thumb, you know how much money you are willing to pay for a property. It is suggested that you bring 5% of that amount with you. In other words,*IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE FIVE (5%) PERCENT WITH YOU, DO NOT BID.*

Generally, you have twenty (20) days from the sale to bring in the balance of your bid. The Foreclosure Order and advertisement covers the terms of sale for each case.READ IT. It controls terms and conditions of the sale. The amount that is due in (20) days must also include interim interest on the bid from the date of the sale through the day of compliance as well as a deed preparation fee of $25.00. Contact Jennifer Boehmke at467-8663for the total amount that will be due on the date that you plan to comply. The deed will be issued after compliance with the bid is received by this office. The contact person for Deed information is Sue Nichols at467-8770. There is a cost of $10.00 to the County Treasurer to record the deed and the purchaser must also pay deed documentary stamps. The cost for recording the deed and the cost of stamps are paid to the Treasurer and not collected by the Equity Court.


Sometimes the property is sold subject to a mortgage(s) or judgment(s) or other types of lien(s). That means you not only purchase the property, but you are also buying the obligation and terms of the mortgage(s), judgment(s) or lien(s). The Court will attempt to announce at the sale the balance due on the mortgage(s), judgment(s) or lien(s) as of the sales day.
Some properties are sold subject to a right-of-redemption of the United States of America or other governmental agencies. That means the government has a tax lien or some other lien against the property and has the right to redeem the property during the stated time period. If this occurs, you would be reimbursed your sales price with interest by the government.
It also means that you buy the property subject to any items of record that may impact the title to the property.

Some Plaintiffs seek a deficiency judgment against the Defendant(s). That means the Plaintiff is not only foreclosing its mortgage but is also seeking a money judgment. The bidding remains open for (30) days after the original sales date. On that 30th day, the property is offered for sale again and the highest bid is accepted. The Plaintiff (or the highest bidder at the first sale) cannot increase their bid amount from the first sale. In that requests for deficiency judgments are frequently waived, it is best to attend the initial sale and listen for announcements in this regard.

The Foreclosure Order and ad covers all the terms of sale, unless specifically amended by the Court at the time of sale. In case of any discrepancy between the Foreclosure Order and the ad, the Order will control the terms of the sale. Properties can be pulled from sale for any number of reasons up until the moment they are offered for sale.
This fact sheet is in no way a representation or warranty nor intended to be relied upon concerning any aspect of Equity Court Sales. Any questions should be directed to a licensed attorney.

Thank you for you interest in our sales. This fact sheet is prepared in an effort to answer the most frequently asked questions.

This web site is in no way a representation or warranty nor intended to be relied upon concerning any aspect of Equity Court Sales.