TEXAS Dalles Surplus Real Property

City Of Dallas


The City of Dallas owns unneeded properties that are available for purchase. These parcels of land are sold in accordance with state law and the Dallas City Code by the primary methods:

  1. By live public auction where the property can be developed independently.
  2. To the abutting property owner where the property is so small or irregularly shaped that it cannot be developed independently

Please contact the Real Estate Division office at 214-948-4100.

For additional information, or the approximate date of the next Surplus property sale, please contact us
at 214-948-4100, or visit our office at 320 E. Jefferson Blvd, Room 203, Dallas, Texas 75203‚Äč.


The Land Transfer program allows the City to resell certain tax-foreclosed properties (that its holds as trustee for the Dallas County taxing entities) and sell surplus properties so that affordable housing units or approved commercial uses may be developed on the properties.

In order to be eligible to purchase two or more land transfer properties, a developer must have built one (1) or more homes in the past three (3) years and must have a development plan that is approved by the City. On a case-by-case basis, if a developer seeks to purchase only one property, the developer need not have built any homes in the past thee (3) years.