FAQ Lands Available for Taxes (LAFT)

Lands Available For Taxes

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Is the property sold free and clear of liens?

Additional property taxes, as well as liens on the property may be due and would become the responsibility of the new owner. It is imperative that anyone interested in purchasing from Lands Available for Taxes conduct extensive research, including a full title and lien search, prior to requesting a quote or purchasing any properties.

What happens to properties that are not purchased from LAFT?

The land shall escheat to the County, per Florida Statute 197.502(8). All tax certificates and liens against the property shall be canceled, and a tax deed will be executed vesting title to the County. Once an item has escheated to the County, it is no longer available for purchase. Certificate holders have no further opportunity to recover their investment.

How are prices determined?

Minimum bid amounts for properties on the List of Lands Available are not the current bid amount. All properties on the List of Lands Available are priced according to the most recent certified tax roll. If the property is classified as homestead, ½ of the assessed value of the property will be included in the minimum bid amount until the homestead classification changes and after certification and publication of the new tax rolls by the Tax Collector.