IRELAND - Vacant Homes / Rebuilding

Vacant Homes Officer Contacts Email:

Please contact the appropriate vacant homes officer.

The Vacant Homes Office can be contacted at (057) 866 4000 or via e-mail

Buy and Renew Scheme (BRS)

The Buy and Renew Scheme (BRS) supports local authorities in purchasing and renewing housing units in need of repair and makes them available for social housing use. It is a matter for each local authority to determine the suitability of a property for social housing; important considerations in that regard include the location of a property in relation to housing need and demand, the design/scale suitability of a property for social housing use and the costs and practicality of acquiring and remediating a property.

The Buy and Renew Scheme particularly focuses on older vacant homes to help tackle the problem of dereliction and improve the appearance of the community. As a complementary initiative to the Repair and Lease Scheme, it provides the option for suitable properties to be purchased rather than leased, if that is the preference of the owners of vacant properties.

Other more specific grants and schemes are available to owners of vacant properties, depending on the type of building, for example heritage grants, thatching grants,SEAI energy grants.