The Texas Constitution of 1876, LAND

Property Code

Legislators intended for this land to be sold and the proceeds be deposited into the PSF. Deposits to the PSF would be an inexhaustible source of revenue because only interest income from the fund could be spent and would be apportioned among the state's public schools.

The Texas General Land Office manages state lands and mineral rights totaling 13 million acres. This includes vast properties in West Texas, Gulf Coast beaches and bays and all “submerged” lands 10.35 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a variety of state agency acreage and timberlands in East Texas.

A primary responsibility of the Land Office is to lease these lands for the benefit of the Permanent School Fund, an endowment fund established in 1876 for the benefit of Texas public school education.

Leasing Texas

Leases are available for a variety of purposes, including oil and gas production, solar, wind and geothermal power, agricultural related activities, and commercial development.

Surveying the Land

Since the beginning of the Land Office, surveying has been a vital part of what we do. Accurately measuring over 200,000 miles of boundaries takes a lot of work.

Common Sense Conservation

The GLO is committed to conserving and protecting State natural resources by monitoring the use of leased PSF land and allowing only recognized prudent practices to occur on those lands.